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              1:30 AM Terminal 1 Estimated wait time is 5 min
              1:30 AM Terminal 2 Estimated wait time is 5 min

              Building a new terminal complex is amassive undertaking, but the end result will be well worth the effort. The SLC Airport's existing facilities have servedpassengers well, but it's time to make way for the next generation of airport design.

              What will the New SLC include?Find out.

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              The Salt Lake City International Airport has launched an app to track the shuttles for the economy parking lot. The new app takes the guess work out of wait times for the airport shuttles by showing the location of the shuttles in real time. Click here to access the program on the airports website.

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              SLC International Airport has launched a phone app to provide userswith airport news, flight schedules and security screening wait times. To download the app, click on the following links:AppleorAndroid.

              Hardstand Operations Commence Jan. 6 at SLC's Concourse E

              Passengers flying out of Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) in early January will see a change in the way they board their flights when departing from Concourse E.

              SLC and Delta Air Lines will begin implementing hardstand operations for flights arriving and departing from Concourse E on Jan. 6 to prepare for demolition of existing gates in Concourse E. These gates will be torn down in mid-January to make way for construction on The New SLC international gates.

              Click here for more about the hardstand operations at SLC.

              New Restaurants and Retail Stores Comingto The New SLC

              Come September of 2020, passengers flying through Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) are going to be wowed not only by a new airport, but by the wide array offood and beverage optionsand retail storesto choose from.

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